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Products development for trade fairs and theme parks.


Import, wholesale,

direct sales and development cooperation of Scandinavian products.

Brand design, business promotion.

Since the company was founded in 2005, I.D.S. has been a perfect design and communications company. We produced, delivered and localized content to maximize clients` impact. We have already run successful marketing campaigns for international clients in the Chinese market.

From 2016, we aim to be representative company and international partner to import, sell and wholesale products highlighting the Nordic design.

It is important for us to keep enlarging our network to bring closer people and make more available European lifestyle products for East Asian people.​

Translation & Proofreading >

INNOSTUDIO offers on-demand and high-quality multilingual translation services at affordable rates. We have vast experience in translating a wide range of content types. Our multi-step translation and review process ensures the highest level of accuracy and meets the evolving needs of global business. We specialized in tailor-made business and media-oriented language service in multiple languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, Icelandic, Norwegian etc. Our customer includes Tampere City Hall ,Tallink&Silja Line etc. 

Yueyin MA  Founder

Dan ZHANG (Right) 

Co-Founder / CEO



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